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Tried In The Fire Movie

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Imagine that you have found yourself at the lowest point of your life. You have been through so much that you find yourself alone with no strong support system, no resources, a history of trauma, and no clear direction of where to go. What would you do?

Tried In The Fire is a documentary focused on trauma. Six individuals take to the screen and share their stories of childhood trauma, unhealthy relationships, substance use, adult trauma, and more. They not only share their stories of pain and sorrow, but their stories also provide hope. They demonstrate the importance of engaging in treatment that will lead to healing.

This film will provide you with the opportunity to self-reflect on your own story and access the tools needed to HEAL!

Written & Produced by Jason T. Mahoney
Cinematography by JHG Films
Music by Marcel Anderson
Wardrobe by Amelia's Jewelry Box

Tried In The Fire Movie Premiere Photo Gallery

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