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Writing with Pen

Book Publishing
Leaving Your Legacy With The Pen & Paper!

Crafted To Motivate's book publishing partnership with Rain Publishing Company combines expertise and innovation to bring your literary dreams to life. With a collaborative approach, we ensure your book receives top-notch publishing services, from manuscript refinement to professional distribution, allowing you to share your story or expertise with the world successfully.

 Here's a brief description of each of the Book Publishing Services offered:

  1. Writing Coach: Our Writing Coach service provides guidance and support throughout the writing process, helping authors refine their ideas, develop their writing skills, and structure their content effectively.

  2. Editing: Our Editing service ensures that your manuscript is polished and error-free, covering everything from proofreading for grammar and punctuation to more substantive editing for clarity and coherence.

  3. Cover Design: Our Cover Design service creates eye-catching and professional book covers that grab readers' attention and effectively convey the essence of your book.

  4. Copyright: We assist in securing copyright protection for your work, ensuring that your intellectual property is legally protected.

  5. Trademark: For branding purposes, we help you register trademarks related to your book or author identity.

  6. Launching on Various Platforms: We publish your book on popular platforms like Amazon, making it available to a wide audience of readers.

  7. Book Launch Assistance: Our Book Launch Assistance service offers support in planning and executing a successful book launch, including marketing strategies and event coordination.

  8. Marketing Items for Book and Launch: Crafted To Motivate can provide marketing materials such as promotional posters, bookmarks, and digital assets to help promote your book effectively.

  9. Commercial/Trailer for Book: We can create captivating book trailers or commercials that engage potential readers and generate excitement about your book.


These services are designed to assist authors at various stages of the publishing journey, from manuscript development to marketing and promotion, ensuring a successful and impactful book launch.

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