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Public Speaking Academy
Say It! Speak It! Believe It!

Crafted To Motivate's Public Speaking Academy is your gateway to becoming a confident and compelling communicator. Our expert-led programs provide hands-on training, coaching, and strategies to help you excel in public speaking, whether you're looking to conquer stage fright, deliver impactful presentations, or master the art of effective communication.

At Crafted To Motivate's Public Speaking Academy, individuals of all ages can hone their communication skills in diverse areas, including general public speaking, motivational speaking, impromptu speaking, workshop presentation and delivery, and meeting facilitation. Our comprehensive services equip participants with the tools and expertise needed to craft compelling content and deliver it with confidence and impact, fostering effective communication for both youth and adults. Here's a description of each skill offered at Crafted To Motivate's Public Speaking Academy:

  1. General Public Speaking: Our program in General Public Speaking provides individuals with the fundamental skills to communicate effectively in various contexts. Participants will learn how to structure their speeches, engage an audience, and convey their message with clarity and confidence, preparing them for a wide range of speaking engagements.

  2. Motivational Speaking: Motivational Speaking is about inspiring and uplifting an audience. Our training in this area helps individuals develop the art of crafting compelling narratives, using personal stories and motivational techniques to instill a sense of purpose and motivation in their listeners.

  3. Impromptu Speaking: Impromptu Speaking teaches the skill of thinking on your feet and delivering coherent, persuasive responses in spontaneous situations. Participants will learn strategies to organize their thoughts quickly, respond confidently, and maintain poise in impromptu speaking scenarios.

  4. Workshop Presentation/Delivery: Effective workshop presentation and delivery are essential for educators, trainers, and professionals. Our program equips individuals with strategies to engage participants, structure workshop content, and facilitate interactive and impactful learning experiences.

  5. Meeting Facilitation: Meeting Facilitation skills are crucial for individuals in leadership roles. We provide training in leading productive meetings, fostering collaboration, managing group dynamics, and ensuring that meetings achieve their intended outcomes.


These services are designed to assist authors at various stages of the publishing journey, from manuscript development to marketing and promotion, ensuring a successful and impactful book launch.

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